Virginia Morgan
Virginia Morgan
Actor Emma Danieli
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Appearance The Last Man on Earth
Status Deceased

Virginia Morgan was the wife of Robert Morgan and the mother of Kathy Morgan. She was turned into a vampire by Europe's Disease and was staked by Morgan.


On Robert and Virginia's daughter, Kathy's, birthday, they were visited by Ben Cortman, who informed them of the outbreak of Europe's Disease in the US. However, Virginia was not concerned much about this until Kathy fell ill with it and went blind.

Morgan warned Virginia not to call a doctor, as the case would be reported and Kathy would be taken away and cremated. However, as Kathy's ED worsened and Virginia became more and more desperate, she finally gave in and called a doctor, resulting in Kathy being killed and cremated.

Shortly after, Virginia fell ill with the plague and died. Morgan, not wanting Virginia's body to be thrown in a burn pit like Kathy, illegally buried her on a hill.


Virginia as a vampire

After Virginia was buried, she reanimated as a vampire. She escaped her grave and returned to her home, where she attacked Morgan, forcing him to kill her.