Ethnicity Indian
Appearance I Am Legend: Awakening
Status Deceased

Vatsala's father was an Inidan survivor of the KV Pandemic, who was killed by his Darkseeker daughter in a fit of rage.


During the KV Pandemic, the virus reached India. The father, his wife, Vatsala, and their two children were preparing to evacuate to their personal underground shelter.

When Vatsala snuck out to see Pritam, the father and the family went down to the shelter without her, and left food and water outside the shelter for her. When Vatsala finally arrived at the shelter, her father, fearing she may be infected, refused to let her in for another 48 hours.

When Vatsala turned into a Darkseeker and was let into the shelter by her brother, Vatsala, no longer recognising her uninfected family as anything apart from vicious monsters, brutally beat her father to death and later devoured his remains.