Ethnicity Indian
Appearance I Am Legend: Awakening
Status Deceased

Vatsala's brothers were young surviviors of the KV Pandemic in India, who were killed by their Darkseeker sister and Pritam.


During the KV Pandemic, the virus had reached India. The brothers, their sister, Vatsala, their mother, and their father were preparing to evacuate to their personal underground shelter, to wait out the epidemic.

When Vatsala snuck out to see Pritam, the brothers and the family went down to the shelter without her, and left food and water outside the shelter for her. When Vatsala finally arrived at the shelter, the father, fearing she may be infected, refused to let her in for another 48 hours.

When Vatsala turned into a Darkseeker, one of her brothers let her into the shelter, unaware of what she had become. Vatsala, no longer recognising her uninfected family as anything apart from vicious monsters, killed her mother and father as well as brutally beating to death one of her brothers, only sparing the one that had let her in. Vatsala proceeded to consume the remains of her family, while the surviving brother presumably watched in horror.

After Vatsala left to find Pritam, the remaining brother grieved over her massacred family. He began talking to his mother's corpse, claiming he thought it was Vatsala who was knocking, not knowing it was as Darkseeker. Later, when Vatsala returned to the shelter with Pritam, they found the remaining brother still grieving over the family. The brother proceeded to futilely yell for them to get away. As they only recognised the boy as a monster now that had to be destroyed, Pritam attacked and killed the boy by ripping open his neck.

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