Ethnicity Indian
Appearance I Am Legend: Awakening
Status Zombified

Vatsala was a teenage resident of New Dehli who was infected and turned into a Darkseeker by the Krippin Virus.


During the KV Pandemic, the virus had reached India. Vatsala, her father, her mother, and her two brothers were preparing to evacuate to their personal underground shelter.

In the evening, Vatsala snuck out of the house and into the chaotic streets of New Delhi, in search of her boyfriend, Pritam. She found him atop a deserted bus. Pritam begged Vatsala to return to the shelter without him, as he was already infected, and told her that he would be waiting when she came out.

Vatsala reluctantly returned to her home to find that her family had gone down to the shelter without her. She used a secret passage to go through a vast network of underground tunnels to the shelter. Her father, fearing she may be infected, refused to let her in for another 48 hours. Vatsala swore to herself to never forgive her father or this, and spent the next 48 hours outside the shelter with food and water left for her.

During that time, Vatsala began to suffer the early symptoms of KV, but remained in denial that she was infected. Eventually, she turned into a Darkseeker and, hungry, tried to break into the shelter. Vatsala's brother, unaware that she had turned, opened the shelter and let her in. However, Vatsala, now a Darkseeker, did not recognise her uninfected family, instead seeing them as dark shadowed creatures. Vatsala violently demanded to know where her "family" was, unaware that the creature she saw was them. She proceeded to brutally attack and killed them, sparing only her brother.

Darkseeker Vatsala

Vatsala as a Darkseeker

Vatsala, starving, decided to devour her family's remains, then remembered that Pritam would be waiting, and went out into the now-deserted city. She returned to the abandoned bus, and was greeted by the now-Darkseeker Pritam.

Vatsala led the hungry Pritam back to the shelter for food, where they found Vatsala's remaining brother weeping over his mother's corpse. However, as he was not a Darkseeker like them, the two failed to recognise him as Vatsala's brother, instead seeing him as a dark creature. Pritram proceeded to attack and kill him. Vatsala then began to gloat on how stupid her father's plan was and wondered where her family was, completely unaware that the dead creatures she and Pritam that were killed and were eating were them.

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