Vampires are the antagonists of The Last Man on Earth. They are undead humans who were infected with and succumbed to Europe's Disease.


Vampires, as their name suggests, have characteristics very similar to those of the traditional vampire; they are repelled by garlic, and cannot stand their reflection. Vampires also can't stand sunlight, and thus during the day, they reside in deserted buildings and other shelters from daylight.

Vampires possess a craving for blood, and will resort to feeding off and killing each other when they cannot find any other victims. While they remember how to speak verbally and use crude objects as weapons, they lose most of their other higher levels of intelligence. Vampires also appear to be weak and slow, making small numbers of them relatively easy to defeat or escape.


Vampires besiege Morgan's home

As Europe's Disease can infect and turn both living and dead hosts, even corpses can reanimate as vampires. The only known methods of permanently killing a vampire include driving a stake through its heart, shooting it, or another vampire draining it.