Ruth Collins
Actor Franca Bettoia
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Appearance The Last Man on Earth
Status Alive

Ruth Collins is one of the sole survivors of Europe's Disease.


Before the plague broke out, Ruth had a husband. However, he was torn to pieces by a horde of vampires in front of Ruth's eyes after Europe's Disease spread to the US.

Ruth also became infected with the virus, and at an unknown point after the global outbreak, she joined a mob of survivors and regularly took vaccines to prevent the plague from taking her over.

Three years after the outbreak, Ruth's people sent her to spy on Morgan. When Morgan spotted her in a park, Ruth fled, but Morgan was able to convince her to return with him to his home.

There, Morgan forcefully waved garlic in Ruth's face to determine whether or not she was infected. When the garlic made Ruth fall sick (as she was infected), she lied that she simply had a weak stomach and retreated to a room to take a vaccine. Morgan caught Ruth and she explained how the vaccine worked, and why she was sent.

Later, while Ruth slept, Morgan performed a blood transfusion on her, the immunized white blood cells in Morgan's blood killing off the virus in Ruth's blood.

Ruth then awoke, and discovered what Morgan had done when she noticed she could now stand her reflection.

Morgan became confident that he and Ruth could rebuild society together. However, the house shortly after came under attack by Ruth's people. Ruth begged Morgan to flee, knowing that her people intended to kill him, and Morgan complied.

Ruth pleaded with her people in pursuit of Morgan to spare him, but they did not listen and impaled him on a church altar.

Ruth rushed to Morgan's aid in the latter's last moments as Morgan died in Ruth's arms. Ruth then left the church without a word.