Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Appearance I Am Legend
Status Alive

Ruth is a high-ranking member of the new society of vampires.


Ruth was one of the many people who were infected with Vampiris and turned into a vampire.

Over the course of three years, Ruth and the other "living" vampires were able to adapt to the disease enough to enter daylight for short periods of time, and at least partially regain their humanity.

Ruth was sent to spy on Robert Neville, who captured her. Ruth then lived in Neville's house with him, the two remaining suspicious of one another.

Eventually, Ruth and Neville grew closer, and Ruth was caught by Neville about to leave one night. Neville then confessed all he had been through to Ruth, who attempted to comfort him before the two naked hugged.

Ruth then agreed to allow Neville to perform a blood test the following morning. Just as Neville realised that Ruth was infected, Ruth knocked him out and escaped, leaving a note warning him to flee his home.

When Neville was captured and imprisoned by Ruth's people she visited him, being the only vampire who didn't fear Neville. Knowing that it would be impossible for Neville to escape prison or execution, Ruth gave him pills to make it easier. Neville asked Ruth to make sure the new society didn't become too brutal. Ruth then kissed him on the head and left.

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