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Dr. Robert Neville
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Appearance I Am Legend
Status Deceased

Dr. Robert Neville is the sole survivor of an outbreak of Vampiris. He was captured by a vampire society and committed suicide.


During the early stages of the outbreak of Vampiris, Neville was bitten by a infected vampire bat, but as the bat was not human, the Vampiris it introduced into Neville's system through that bite acted as a vaccine against the disease.

During the outbreak, Neville lost both his wife, Virginia and daughter, Kathy to the plague. Illegally, Neville buried Virginia's body in an empty lot.

The same night, Virginia, reanimated into a vampire by the infection, returned home for Neville's blood, forcing the latter to stake her.

Neville spent the next three years living in his fortified home from the vampire hordes, which included his former best friend, Ben Cortman.

During this time, Neville spent the day repairing the damage to his house caused by vampire attacks, disposing of dead vampires, gathering supplies, and researching Vampiris to possibly find a cure. Neville spent the nights, on the other hand, barricaded in his homes from the vampire hordes.

After three years of depression and heavy drinking, Neville researched and discovered the roots of Vampiris.

One day, Neville met Ruth, an apparently uninfected woman, in daylight and took her back to his home.

However, Ruth and Neville live in Neville's home suspicious of one another.

When Neville found Ruth about to leave one night, he confessed what he had gone through in the past to her, and the two made love.

The next morning, Ruth reluctantly allowed Neville to perform a blood test on her, and just as Neville realised that Ruth was infected, the latter knocked him out.

When Neville awoke, he found a note left by Ruth, explaining that she was part of a new vampire society who feared Neville for killing both the "true" vampires, and these vampires' families. Despite Ruth's warnings in the note, Neville refused to leave his home, and was attacked and captured by a party of vampire mercenaries.

After his capture, Neville was sentenced to death, and held in prison until his execution arrived. There, Neville was visited by Ruth, who gave him pills to "make it easier." An emotionally broken Neville asked Ruth to make sure the new vampire society didn't become too brutal. Ruth then kissed him and left.

Neville went to the prison window, and when he saw the vampires' reaction to his presence, how he was a scourge to them, he accepted his fate. He swallowed the pills, his last thoughts being that he was legend, before he died.