Actor Eric Laneuville
Ethnicity African-American
Appearance The Omega Man
Status Deceased

Richie was Lisa's younger brother. He was executed by The Family.


Richie and his sister, Lisa, were part of a large group of survivors who had not yet succumbed to the virus due to their youth.

Richie was about to succumb to the bio-agent and become a new member of The Family when Dr. Neville injected him with his immunized blood, curing Richie.


Richie turning into an albino

Richie, believing that The Family were still people, left Neville a note and went to The Family with the cure to try and convince them to take it. However, Jonathan Matthias, the leader of The Family, accused Richie of being sent by Neville to harm them and had him executed.

Richie's body was left strung up by The Family to lure Neville out into an ambush after dark.