Ethnicity Indian
Appearance I Am Legend: Awakening
Status Alive

Pritam was turned into a Darkseeker by the Krippin Virus.


During the KV outbreak, when the virus reached India, Pritam was infected.

As chaos engulfed the streets of New Delhi, Pritam's girlfriend, Vatsala, visited him atop a deserted bus. Pritam begged Vatsala to go to the shelter with her family, and swore that he would be waiting when she came out.

Pritam waited in the bus for Vatsala, and during that time, he succumbed to the virus and turned into a Darkseeker. One night, Vatsala, now also a Darkseeker, returned to the bus, and was greeted by Pritam.
Darkseeker Pritam

Pritam as a Darkseeker

Hungry, Vatsala led Pritam back to the shelter, where the two found Vatsala's brother. However, as the latter was not a Darkseeker like Vatsala and Pritam, the two did not recognise him and saw him as a monster.

Pritam killed the brother by biting his neck open, then devoured his remains.