Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Appearance I Am Legend: Awakening
Status Deceased

Luke was Ethan's little brother. He was apparently killed by a Darkseeker.


During the early stages of the KV outbreak, Luke and his brother, Ethan were being driven by their mother and father to school along the freeway. During the journey, Luke played his zombie shooter game to pass the time.

Due to a gridlock on the freeway, Luke and his family remained on the road, running out of gas, until sunset. When Doug went out to investigate, the family's car was attacked by Darkseekers, which killed Doug and the mother. Luke and Ethan fled the car out the window, pursued by the Darkseeker horde.

Ethan assured a terrified Luke that they would be alright, before the two brothers hid under a deserted truck. However, a Darkseeker saw them and tried to drag Luke out. Ethan tried to hold on to his brother's hand, but he lost his grip, and Luke was dragged out from under the truck and presumably killed.

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