Actor Rosalind Cash
Ethnicity African-American
Appearance The Omega Man
Status Alive

Lisa is a survivor of the 1975 biological warfare. She eventually succumbed to the virus and became a new member of The Family.


Lisa and her brother, Richie, were part of a large group of survivors who had not yet succumbed to the plague due to their youth.

Lisa tried to hide among store mannequins from Dr. Neville. However, Neville spotted and chased her, but Lisa escaped into a park.

The following night, when Neville was taken by The Family to Dodger Stadium to be executed, Lisa and Dutch turned on the stadium's lights, disorienting The Family and saving Neville. Lisa held Neville at gunpoint and force him to take her back to her group's base in the mountains to examine Richie.

After Lisa and Dutch introduced themselves, the two were shocked to discover that Neville was immune, and allowed him to take Richie back to Los Angeles to cure him. After Neville cured Richie, he treated Lisa to dinner. However, their meal was interrupted by a power outage. When Neville went to restore the power, Lisa was attacked by Zachary, but Neville returned just in time to kill Zachary and save Lisa.

The next day, Neville took Lisa to his laboratory, and set about making a cure while Lisa left to gather supplies.

Family woman

Lisa as one of The Family

However, as Lisa returned to Neville's apartment at dusk, she found it besieged by The Family. Lisa then unexpectedly succumbed to the plague and betrayed Neville by giving The Family access to his apartment.

When Neville returned, Lisa and Matthias confronted him and set fire to his apartment. Neville then broke free and escaped outside with Lisa.

When Neville was fatally wounded by Matthias in a fountain outside of his home, Lisa claimed to be part of The Family, but stayed with a dying Neville until dawn.

She was later found and captured by the survivors, and was most likely later given the cure in Neville's blood.