Jonathan Matthias
Actor Anthony Zerbe
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Appearance The Omega Man
Status Deceased

Jonathan Matthias is the leader of The Family, and the main antagonist of The Omega Man. He was apparently killed in an apartment fire.


Matthias was a news anchor, until the release of a biological agent in 1975. Matthias was one of the many victims of the plague who mutated and joined The Family, becoming their leader.

Two years after the outbreak, when Dr. Neville was captured by The Family, Matthias attended Neville's summary trial. Matthais was disgusted by Neville as he was not infected, and scheduled him for execution in Dodger Stadium.

However, at the execution, Lisa and Dutch turned the stadium lights on, disorienting Matthias and The Family long enough for them and Neville to escape.

Some days later, an immunized Richie went to The Family to try and convince them to take Neville's antidote to the bio-agent. However, Matthias refused to believe that Neville would try to help The Family, accused Richie of being sent to harm them, and sentenced Richie to death.

The Family then used Richie's body as bait, to lure Neville out after dark for an ambush. However, Neville was able to fend The Family off. But when Lisa succumbed to the plague, she allowed Matthias and the rest of The Family access to Neville's bunker.


Matthais in Neville's burning apartment

When Neville returned home, he was confronted and restrained by Matthais, who forced Neville to watch as The Family set his home on fire. However, Neville was able to break free and retreat outside. Matthias stood on the balcony of the burning apartment. Neville tried to gun Matthias down, but the former's gun jammed, giving Matthias enough time to hurl a spear at Neville and mortally wound him.

It is unknown what happened to Matthias next, but it is presumed that he and The Family chose to stay in Neville's burning apartment, where they perished.