John Edward Lord
Actor Michael Dobson
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Appearance I Am Legend: Awakening
Status Unknown, most likely deceased

John Edward Lord was a convicted terrorist, and a survivor of the Krippin Virus.


John believed that the leaders of the United States were corrupt, and were secretly and unnoticedly controlling and enslaving the American people; thus, John believed that in an Apocalypse-like fashion, America had to be destroyed in order to be reborn anew. Thus, John engaged in terrorist acts against the USA, for which he was convicted in 2003, and imprisoned in ADX Florence, Colorado.

During the early stages of the KV outbreak in 2009, while the other prisoners were evacuated, John was left behind at the prison to die, with no knowledge of what was happening outside the prison walls. John spent three days alone in his cell, with no food or water, starving and dehydrated. During that time, John suffered a minor head injury.

When Colorado's power grid was shut down, the electronic lock for John's cell deactivated, freeing him. After drinking from ADX Florence's water supply, John treated his head wound, changed out of his prison uniform for an officer's uniform and stocked up on ammunition. Planning to start a new life in the wilderness and finish his book, John fled the prison in a stolen SUV, and drove off into the sunset.

In the night, while driving through the desert, John came across the wrecks of prison buses from ADX Florence, as well as the warden, Halloran's mangled corpse. When John exited the SUV to investigate, a Darkseeker jumped down from one of the wrecks at him, prompting him to shoot and kill it. John then saw that the wrecks were infested with Darkseekers, and fled in the SUV back to ADX Florence, pursued by the Darkseeker mob.

The Darkseekers cornered John in the prison, where the latter, armed with a shotgun, engaged the creatures in a last stand. John's fate is unknown, but he was most likely overwhelmed and killed by the Darkseeker hordes.  Whether he survived, was killed by the Darkseekers, or committed suicide is unknown.

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