Actor Paul Koslo
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Appearance The Omega Man
Status Alive

Dutch is a survivor of the 1975 biological warfare.


Dutch was a medical student familiar with Neville's work before the release of a biological agent in 1975.

Three years after the outbreak, Dutch, alongside Lisa, was part of a large group of survivors who had not yet succumbed to the virus due to their youth.

At the centre of Dodger Stadium, Lisa and Dutch turned on the stadium's lights, disorienting The Family long enough for Dutch to cut Dr. Neville free and lead him to safety through the underground tunnels beneath the stadium.

The next morning, Dutch met up with Lisa and Neville back at their base, where they planned to create an antidote to the bio-agent from Neville's immunized blood. If they were successful, they would leave The Family to die, and start a new life in the wilderness.

Dutch and a handful of other survivors escaped The Family, and one morning, they found and captured the mutated Lisa, and also came across a dying Neville. Neville handed a serum over to Dutch with which to restore humanity, before Neville died of his wounds and Dutch and the survivors drove off into the wilderness.