Ben Cortman
Actor Giacomo Rossi-Stuart
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Appearance The Last Man on Earth
Status Deceased

Ben Cortman was Robert Morgan's best friend. He was turned into a vampire by Europe's Disease.


When there were reports of Europe's Disease in the US, Ben visited Robert and Virginia on Kathy's birthday to inform them.

When there was a major outbreak of the plague in the US, Morgan and Cortman, who both worked as scientists at the same lab, were given the task of examining the disease. Morgan was awestruck to find the microbes fed off theirselves, while Ben believed the reports that the plague's victims returned to life as vampires. When he admitted this to Morgan, the latter scoffed at this, much to Ben's chagrin.

Ben believed the vampire rumors involving the plague so deeply, he hung garlic and mirrors on his house's front door.

One night, Morgan visited Cortman to apologize, but Ben was still upset with Morgan for embarrassing him and coldly rejected him.

At some point, Ben was infected with Europe's Disease and turned into a vampire. Ben was one of the vampire hordes who would gather round and attempt to break into Morgan's home every night.


Ben as a vampire

One night, three years after the outbreak, Morgan returned to his home in his car after dark, and was attacked by the vampire hordes. However, Morgan used a mirror to hold Ben and the other vampires at bay long enough to escape into his house and lock the vampires out. However, as Morgan's car had not been locked away from the vampires in the garage, Ben and the other vampires were able to destroy it in an attempt to ruin Morgan's only transportation.

Several nights later, a party of soldiers from the new society arrived at the vampire-besieged house, killing the vampires in their way. Ben attempted to flee the scene, but was gunned down by a soldier.